3D animation is one of the most complete and effective ways to communicate complicated concepts; which may be decisive in the decision-making process of a judge or jury.

This has revolutionized the way the information is presented in a case. Rather than just see a map or photos of the facts, judges and juries can now see a recreation of the facts as described by a witness.

Animations of different kind of problems or medical procedures are incredibly useful in court and prove to be less invasive than video, plus the ability to illustrate elements not visible to the naked eye; help to keep the attention of the jury 

We help you to present your case effectively, with high quality graphics in a logical and intuitive way; crashes, collisions, knife attacks, ballistics dynamic spatial location of witnesses accused and victim, etc.

Our staff has extensive experience recreating events for television news broadcast, research programs, documentaries and animations in general.

We invite you to discover more possibilities in our demo reel video.

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