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We offer the service of video post production, in many different ways. It doesn't matter if we shoot the material or you did; we are always here to make the best of the material.


Sometimes due to time or budget restrictions you might be forced to hang a green fabric next to the editing room and cross your fingers hoping to get a decent chroma. And other times you get the luxury of a big studio and the best cameras and lights for rental but no one on the team knows how to put tracking marks or other trades of the business.


That’s why we offer the service of VFX Supervision on location, that way you get the best of your shoot and the post production team get the best material to work with later on.


We also, post produce the material, whether it requires, chroma keying, tracking, compositing, sky removal, etc. doesn't matter if we shoot it or supervise the shoot or if you or someone else did.


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